Ethical buying, perfume, and ingredients sourcing photography from across the world.


Gallivant Perfumes:
Fragrance For Urban Explorers

Gallivant is an indie perfume maker from London, founded and created by Nick Steward, working with perfumers in Paris and Venice.


Organic Cotton:
Re-Wrap / Lush Cosmetics

Farming organic cotton without health-harming pesticides.


Shea Butter: 
Lush Cosmetics

The women of the Ojoba Collective working in rural Ghana.


Oudh Oil:
Lush Cosmetics

Oudh Oil, the lucrative ingredient that's worth 1.5x more than gold.


Aloe Vera:
Lush Cosmetics 
Cosmopolitan Germany

Meet the women of Twala
growing Aloe Vera in Laikipia, Kenya.


The Sandalwood Trail 
Part One: India

The people dying to protect India's Sandalwood forests.


The Sandalwood Trail 
Part Two: Australia

Indigenous tribes inheriting their culture through ethical ingredients.

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The Sandalwood Trail 
Part Three: Kenya

Ex-Smugglers taking back the Sandalwood reserves of Kenya.


Geranium Oil:
Lush Cosmetics

Stopping male suicides, creating livelihoods, farming against all odds.


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