Who is Reece Pickering?



Supply Chain Graduate, Content Creator, Trainee Perfumer.

Reece's life is one weaved with travel, anecdotes, and fragrance. Dubbed with the nickname of 'Forrest Gump' by his family from a young age, he would always be looking for the next tree to climb, the next journey. Originally from Northern England, he began travelling from the age of sixteen, taking photographs and collecting stories around Europe. 



Reece put down his backpack for a couple of years and began his studies in Photography: Editorial & Advertising at the University of Gloucestershire.

Alongside his studies, Reece specialised in selling perfumes for Lush Cosmetics, researching their unique stories, high quality, and ingredients. Whilst taking his customers on a fragrant journey, Reece would meticulously study the Lush Ethical Buying Policy. This led to funding his own trips across Asia to create his own investigative ‘Buying Films’ around perfume ingredients such as Sandalwood and Oudh oil.

Documenting all of their processes and perilous means of sourcing; he left no stone unturned. With his collection of stories, he had a chance meeting with Lush Head Perfumer, Simon Constantine. With that, Reece went on to document many perfume materials across the world on behalf of Lush Cosmetics UK.  

His work with Lush Cosmetics instilled a deep consideration for ethical buying when documenting and purchasing perfume ingredients. 



The capturing and creation of multiple editorial and advertising campaigns helped develop and refine the distinctive visual language in his work. The imagery carrying a clear message, the beauty and transparency in selecting perfume materials, and the capturing of the finished product.

Reece now works freelance, specialising in content creation around sustainability and fragrance. Working with independent perfumers and niche brands across the globe, he works on aiding the visual language of perfumers and their fragrances, aiding the storytelling behind the perfume and helping them manage their social platforms.

You can see more of his work here.


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